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Fruit Picking Work

Last updated - 7 July 2020

Our website will be changing soon! Same address (www.blueberryfields.com.au) but a new look. Please phone this Wednesday and next Wednesday, even if the website is not working. It will be up and running soon.

COVID-19: Pickers from overseas should check your entitlements with the Department of Immigration, and check COVID-19 updates for information on what you are required to do when moving to a new employer. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/home/covid-19/managing-primary-production-workforce/covid-19-q-and-a-new-measures-for-temporary-visa-holders

We expect to need new pickers from early July. Please check this website for our regular updates. Please read all the information on this website before calling. Please phone on Wednesdays between 11am and 12 noon - the phone will not be answered if we do not need pickers. PLEASE PHONE FOR PICKING AND PACKING WORK. We like to talk to you on the phone and answer your questions.

We employ men and women from the local area as well as people from all around the world such as Asia (e.g. South Korea, South America and Europe). We harvest blueberries throughout the whole year. Generally we require additional pickers from June to January, and a smaller number of pickers at other times of the year.

Please READ ALL details on this website. We will only accept enquiries about picking work when we need pickers. When we need pickers, enquiries about picking work can be made ONLY between 11 am and 12 noon on Wednesdays on +61-2-6687 8239. We will not accept enquiries at any other time or on any other telephone number. Do not call the office, do not email and do not visit the farm.

Work Conditions

Fruit picking work is gentle physical outdoor work. The area between the rows of blueberry bushes is mown grass. You walk along your allocated rows of blueberries selecting the ripe fruit and gently placing them in a small bucket strapped to your waist. Blueberry bushes are kept pruned to about 1.5 metres high so there is little bending and no ladder work. However, it will often be hot and some people find it tedious.

Work Hours

Blueberries cannot be picked when they are wet. Therefore, picking does not begin until the morning dew has dried from the berries - usually about 8:30 or 9 am. Picking continues until about 4 pm or later in summer. Picking is mostly done from Monday to Friday but occasionally you may be offered Saturday or Sunday picking, especially if wet weather has stopped picking during the week.

There is no picking on wet or rainy days.

Pay Rates

We pay on a piece rate per tray basis (the more berries you pick the more we pay you).


Picking quality is extremely important. You will be trained so that you know how to pick and sort quality fruit. The first quality berry rate is only paid for first quality picking.

If you haven't picked blueberries before it usually takes 7-10 days to get your quality and speed up. New pickers should be prepared to give themselves at least a week, and not give up in the first day or so. Pickers find that improving quality and speed is more mental than physical - they are surprised how easy it becomes.


There is no accommodation available on or near the orchard. However, a variety of accommodation options are located 15-30 minutes away in Byron Bay, Suffolk Park, Lennox Head, Ballina and Lismore.

Enquiries about Picking Work

If you wish to be considered for picking work you must already have accommodation in the area, and you must have a car because there is no reliable public transport.

Orientation for Picking Work

If we ask you to come for orientation for picking: